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Learn Spanish Lessons with the best Spanish teacher in Melbourne.Our Spanish Lessons and Spanish Language Classes will show you how to speak real Conversational Spanish.

Hi! My name is Nancy Del Rocío, Spanish Teacher in Melbourne. I specialise in helping students to speak better Conversational Spanish with my Spanish Classes in Melbourne .

I am from Cuenca in Ecuador and I am currently living in Elwood in Melbourne, Australia where I conduct spanish language Classes. I love to teach, and my students always enjoy their spanish lessons. Here's some info about me...

Senior Spanish Teacher who has conducted Spanish Lessons for more than five years at leading Spanish schools in both Ecuador & Australia.

  • Qualified Spanish Teacher with university degree certification.
  • Taught at multiple Spanish Schools in Melbourne, including the Centre of Adult Education (CAE). I started with one class teaching Spanish Lessons, and after many happy students, they decided to give me another class too   .
  • Worked as a Senior Spanish Teacher at Simon Bolivar Spanish School for four years. This is the leading school in Ecuador that teaches Spanish Language Classes to foreign students. See:
  • Worked with students from across the world teaching Spanish Lessons in Melbourne .

    I have tailored my spanish lessons to suit many foreign students who attend my spanish language class from a range of different backgrounds including: Norway, Germany, England, Australia, USA, Denmark, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland.

    Author of Spanish Audio Program, 'Inspired Spanish'

    I am currently working on a Spanish audio program that teaches students how to rapidly learn Conversational Spanish.

    The way I teach Spanish Lessons is a bit different...

    I focus on real and practical spanish conversation (not boring grammar exercises).

    I am an expert at showing students how to quickly put sentences together, and start speaking Conversational Spanish.After taking my Spanish Lessons students can converse spanish like their own language.

    I speak a combination of Spanish and English in my Spanish language classes, depending on your level. You will be surprised at how many words in Spanish are similar to their English words, so before long we'll be talking more and more in Spanish, less and less in English. Also, you will learn spanish words based on their context. If you are ever uncertain of a specific word, I will always let you know the English meaning of that word.

    I also like to include popular phrases, common sayings, and the occasional joke in my conversational spanish!

    As a Spanish Teacher I have found during the last 4 years that by immersing yourself in the language (ie not speaking English), you will learn it much faster.

    I conduct Spanish Language classess in Melbourne and I'm really looking forward to talking to you soon! Contact me here and hopefully I can fit you into my busy schedule.

    Find out more about my Spanish Language lessons in Melbourne here.
Spanish Teacher Nancy Del Rocio